Agilla Documentation

  1. Tutorials

    Want to jump start your way into using Agilla? Work through the tutorials!
  2. Instruction Set Architecture (ISA)

    A list of instructions that an agent can execute.
  3. Troubleshooting Agilla

    A collection of tips on how to get around potential problems
  4. Variable Types

    Specifies the various types of variables supported by Agilla.
  5. Message Types

    Specifies the active message numbers of every message used in Agilla.
  6. Agent Abstraction

    Describes the abstractions provided by an agent. This includes the user-viewable abstractions like the stack and heap as well as a description of the various data types available.
  7. Customizing the Network Topology

    For experimental purposes, Agilla utilized a grid topology and filters to mimic a multi-hop network in a small area. This documentation describes how to change the dimensions of the grid.
  8. System Tuples

    Agilla maintains special tuples in each tuplespace that tell agents about their context. These tuples include sensor types and AgentIDs. This documentation lists these tuples and defines their format.
  9. Error Handling

    Agilla puts a mote into an error state if an agent attempts to execute an illegal instruction. This documentation explains how to interpret the error and offers suggestions on how to fix them.
  10. Installing Agilla on Tyndall25 Motes

    Agilla has been ported over to the Tyndall25 motes. These are very small 25mm modules that have the Atmel 128L processor.

This work is supported by the ONR MURI Project CONTESSA and the NSF under grant number CCR-9970939.